Please use the buttons to navigate to your desired role for more information regarding their entry requirements -- if any.

Artists: This is a portfolio based curated art community.
We are looking for artists who are involved in Artist Alley or are ready to enter it.
**We will mark a portfolio NOT ACCEPTED if they contain mostly these subjects unrelated to AAs and our discord: **
• children's books
• storyboards/animation work
• nature paintings
• resin work using stolen molds
• reselling products off aliexpress/wholesale sites
• 3D printing other people's models
• 3D digital modeling
• classwork projects
• AI images/ NFT scams
• screenshot tracing
• use of official logos/images/stock
• portfolio hosts with logins required to view further (tumblr)
• inactive store when linked as your main portfolio
• and others with no AA-related content in their portfolios.
---------------------Acceptable portfolio/site examples: Weebly, Carrd, WIX, Instagram, DeviantArt, Etsy, Shopify, and other ACTIVE storefronts.Not accepted: Google Drive folders, imgur, photobucket, cloud based drives.Portfolio must contain:
• Minimum of 15 pieces of finished art (not sketches) completed within the last 12 months.
Variations of the same item (ex: a cat in 15 different colors) will only be considered 1 item.
If your portfolio has no uploaded timestamps, we will be looking for considerably more pieces.
If you have less than the required amount, you not be given a role.
You may reapply with an updated portfolio that meets all the requirements to get the artists/member role
or you may reapply as an attendee that has limited access to channels and forums until you can meet the requirements.
We will not respond to messages or modmail asking why you did not get the Member role,
we expect you to be able to compare your portfolio to the requirements.
Multiple artists in one studio?:
Each member must apply with a portfolio containing only their own contributions, not a shared group portfolio.
-----------------Authors: Please link us your portfolio, it must be AA related (fantasy and etc, not just editorial work)-----------------For a more in depth look at our chat rules, please check here. form:
Why do we ask for this?
We are asking the bare minimum of what conventions these days look for.
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We are looking for AA staff or directors involved in AA. If you are neither of these, please select Customer/Attendee.Please provide credentials (badge, email, name, position, etc) Without these, you will default to Attendee.Staff identities will NOT be revealed.**Highlighted staff role is available for certain large-scale conventions -
- please speak to us via modmail after accepted for info about this. **
For a more in depth look at our rules, please check here. form:
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The main artist must be in the discord and actively posting. Helpers invited in by inactive Artists will be given Attendee role.Please link us their portfolio and discord #name after they have applied first.
For a more in depth look at our rules, please check here. form:
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If you are a large manufacturer, please apply with this role and link your website. We are looking only for companies with the ability to handle high-demand.
ABSOLUTELY NO MIDDLEMANNING -- we can source our own products.
-----------------For a more in depth look at our rules, please check here. form:
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Attendee is the default role to view art and public channels :)-----------------For a more in depth look at our rules, please check here. form:
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If you are a media liaison, please provide your credentials. We must see proof of position via social media/linkedn and an explanation of how you fit within the Artist Alley scene. If your company is hostile to fanworks, this is not the place for you.-----------------For a more in depth look at our rules, please check here. form:
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